BRAVURATM & PRODIGYTM Series- Screw Chillers

Both, BRAVURATM & PRODIGY TM Series screw chillers are manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which ensures product of world class quality. Entire range of water cooled chillers qualify AHRI 500-590 certification program.

Highest energy efficiency at full load & part load conditions, combined with proactive logic control (which ensures chiller operation at optimum operating conditions at all times), result into extremely low life cycle cost. This ultimately helps complying Green Building & ECBC requirements.

The screw chillers are available in air cooled and water cooled options. Cooling capacity ranges from 50 to 555TR with HFC 134a & HFC 407C refrigerants.

Apart from normal cooling applications, we offer various heat recovery options like – Partial heat recovery, Heat Pump, Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps. To know more details, please contact nearest office of Kirloskar Chillers.