Features and Benefits

The HFC 134a Refrigerant Advantage

  • Positive pressure design eliminating requirements of purge unit, annual oil maintenance, filter changes, etc.
  • No issues of refrigerant availability
  • No penalty on efficiency due to ingress of moisture or non condensables in the system
  • High motor life

Simple Single Stage Design Advantage:

  • Optimized impeller designs
  • Very high efficiency

Unloading Advantage:

  • Simple hydraulically operated inlet guide vane control
  • Movable discharge diffuser, ensuring excellent stability at low load condition, minimizes likelihood of surging at low load conditions
  • Unloads to 10% of full load
  • Thermostatic / Electronic Expansion Valve
  • Superior refrigerant flow control over a range of operating conditions
  • Better control of suction superheat
  • Efficient operation at part loads compared to orifice plates / float devices

High Speed Gear Drive Advantage:

  • Very compact design
  • Lower vibration levels even at higher speeds
  • Allows use of Hydrodynamic bearings with Infinite Life
  • Select-able Impeller speeds to match application & tip speed
  • Easy to adapt to non-standard conditions
The HFC 134a Refrigerant Advantage   The HFC 134a Refrigerant Advantage   The HFC 134a Refrigerant Advantage