Features and Benefits

The Refrigerant Advantage:

    • Kirloskar screw chillers are available with HFC 134a, HFC 407C refrigerants
    • Ease of refrigerant availability

    The Efficiency Advantage:

    • Flooded type chillers: Best in the industry, full load and part load efficiency
    • DX type chillers: Better efficient and life cycle costs
    • High efficiencies obtained by use of enhanced surface copper tubes
    • Use of high efficiency suction gas cooled motors

    The Flexibility Advantage:

    • Cooling capacity ranges from 50 TR (175 kW) to 555 TR (1950 kW)
    • Eco-friendly refrigerants HFC 134a, HFC 407C
    • Can be offered in SKD / CKD options for installations with very tight plant room approaches, such as for replacement.
    • The chillers are used for various applications like human comfort, processing cooling, data center cooling, adiabatic cooling.
    • Various options for electrical starters – Star-Delta, Soft Starters, VFDs
    • Heat exchanger tube options – Cu, SS, Cu-Ni, Titanium.

    The Reliability Advantage:

    • Highly energy efficient & reliable compressor design
    • Simple yet highly reliable oil management
    • Well-designed oil recovery system in the flooded series eliminating any oil carryover issues.

    The Controls Advantage:

    • User friendly K-Smart controller
    • Backlit LCD display, displaying the unit status in simple English
    • Easy BAS interface – Modbus, Bacnet, LonWorks
    • Fault history with date and time stamp
    • Auto lead lag for multiple chillers