Environment & Safety Policy


Kirloskar Chillers Private Limited, Pune, India; manufacturing & assembling Chillers understands its Corporate Social Responsibility and is committed to protect the environment and Occupational Health of the employees by its safe and environment friendly operations. KCPL will continually improve its Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) performance by-
  • Complying with all applicable Legal and other requirements based on the environmental aspects and OHS hazards.

  • Making Environmental & OHS requirements integral to all KCPL business Processes, Planning and Decision making especially in selection / procurement of materials, machinery, equipment and also selection, placement and active involvement of all concerned personnel.

  • Assessment, periodic review and updating of the environmental aspects and OHS hazard of its operations.

  • Setting and reviewing Objectives and Targets related to environmental aspects / impacts and OHS hazard / risks.

  • Communicating our Environmental, OHS policy to all persons working for and on behalf of the organization – i.e. Employees, contractors / sub-contractors, stakeholders including customers and communities.

  • Providing training to all employees on Environmental OHS issues.

  • Conserving the natural resources used in our business processes by effectively reducing, recycling and reusing.

  • Providing conducive atmosphere to employees and visitors by prevention of pollution.

Date: 01st April 2007
Revalidated on: 01st June 2010
For Kirloskar Chillers Private Limited
Signed by Avinash Manjul
(Executive Director)